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Spring Music Practice Links

By admin | April 21, 2011

Many teachers and students are working diligently to prepare for the 2011 NYSSMA adjudications. The desire to practice and improve one’s musicianship is a key factor for success, so here are some links (via How to Practice) to help us all keep the fire burning. Feel free to share any more links you have found useful toward this end.

  • How many hours a day should you practice – Bullet Proof Musician
  • The habits of musicianship – Robert Duke, University of Texas
  • The Nature of Expertise – Robert Duke – University of texas
  • Working Solo: Problems & Solutions – Getting There
  • Performance Oriented Practice – Musician’s Way
  • Musical Memory – Level One – Susan Paradis
  • Practice, then practice some more – Wolf Trap Opera
  • Learning When to Listen – Music Think Tank
  • No pain, Yes gain – The Practice of Practice
  • How to Practice Music Productively – Community College of Rhode Island
  • Listening As Part of Practice Routine (New Research) – Music Ed Magic
  • How much should we practice – Wired Magazine
  • Best and worst ways of practicing – Piano Perspectives
  • 7 deadly practice sins – Piano Perspectives
  • How To Practice Guitar – Pesona fm Madium
  • Got a pencil? – Gretchens Pianos
  • Music as a metaphor: mistakes – Music Teachers Helpers Blog
  • Tips for preparing for your piano exam – Lebih Hot
  • Self Diagnosing – The Music Box
  • From the top with feeling: Expressive Music Practice – The Practice of Practice
  • Teaching Students How to Practice – Confessions of a Band Director
  • Quality v Quantity – The Practice of Practice
  • How much practice is enough? – Music Matters Blog
  • Free Music Education Printables – About.com
  • Music Practice Flowchart – Knoxville Brassworx
  • Mirror, mirror – Classical Guitar Blog
  • Mental Music Practice – Classical Guitar Blog
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    2 Responses to “Spring Music Practice Links”

    1. Chris Says:
      April 21st, 2011 at 10:24 pm

      Thanks for the links!


    2. Mike Saville Says:
      April 27th, 2011 at 6:51 am

      Glad you liked the links 🙂



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